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Personalyze-IT Design Tool Layouts

We now have six primary standard application layouts (ACP2, Garment2, Digital, Basic, Mobile, and 3 Column) and have developed over 30 custom application layouts.  Each app has it own unique set of features but detailed below is an overview of all the possible features currently available.

Product ViewsMultiple Product Views

  • Front, Back etc
  • Multi image areas within a view
  • Display 3D Model


Add Images

  • Add ImagesFrom Computer - supports jpg, png, psd, eps & pdf
  • From User Gallery - user uploads
  • From Logo Gallery - site owner uploads
  • From Clip Art - 80,000 free images
  • From Social Networks - Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr
  • Resize, Rotate & Move
  • Check Resolution
  • Drag & drop images
  • Image Masking Options
  • Image Placement rules
  • Placeholder images
  • Auto load first logo in gallery
  • Disclaimer that you have the rights to use the image


Image Galleries

  • Image GalleriesCan be a separate tab or on image tab
  • Can have single or multiple galleries
  • Each product can have own gallery if required
  • Gallery source can be external image library or maintained by site owner
  • Can be updated by user


Add Text

  • Add textSelect font, size & colour
  • Rotate, curve, move and scale
  • Auto resize to fit box
  • Auto start new line for multi line text boxes
  • Auto justify or auto case correct
  • Spell check
  • Profanity filter
  • Same layout different text for multiple print jobs


Add Decoration Effect

  • Decoration EffectAdd effect to onscreen image to simulate a finish like embroidery
  • Add effect to product to illustrate limitation eg 1 colour
  • Add effect product to change appearance of photo eg Sepia
  • Add effect product to change price


Change ColorsChange Color

  • Change color of whole garment
  • Change color of parts of garment
  • Change texture so show unique combinations
  • Change color opacity to improve visual appearance when changing
  • Separate tab per color area option


HelpHelp Text

  • Add global help text
  • Add help text per product
  • Add help text in multiple languages


Product Selector

  • Product SelectorBy product
  • By sub category
  • By category
  • By template/li>



  • Create dropdowns for attributes like size
  • Can be displayed as a text list or as images
  • Can update pricing based on attribute


ConfiguratorParts - Product Configurator Only

  • Add parts categories to select a part from
  • Add parts to these categories
  • Add colors to these parts
  • Add text and images to product created as required


Calls to Action

  • Calls To ActionAdd to cart
  • Add to cart quantity
  • Add to cart multiple sizes
  • Add to cart paypal direct / shopping cart single page only
  • Save
  • Preview in 2D or 3D
  • Make Enquiry
  • Confirmation have read the terms & conditions
  • Warning if not completed all fields


1411516835 banknote 128Pricing & Information Options via EPA

  • Dynamic pricing by view used
  • Product name & Product description from database
  • Tiered pricing discounts for volume purchase
  • Minimum quantity support


* Some options require additional scripting or custom application layouts

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